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Meet our

Partner Families

These Families and individuals are currently in a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to achieve their dream of homeownership.Throughout their partnership families they will put in 250 "sweat equity" hours on the construction of their home or another Habitat home, and participate in financial curriculum courses. 
Sean Farrar

Sean is thrilled to be partnered with Habitat for Humanity!


Once he moves into his new home, he is planning on buying his first pet.

Whitney Kesner

A home represents more than just shelter—it’s a sanctuary, a place of refuge where love thrives, and memories are made. It’s my ultimate goal to provide my children with the same sense of security and belonging that I was fortunate enough to experience growing up. A home is not just a physical space; it’s a sanctuary where dreams flourish, and hearts find solace.

Tara Coomer & Todd Prout

We have been inspired to apply to Habitat to have the opportunity to own a home of our own in this community that we have lived in for over 10 years. From living in a two-bedroom apartment as a family of six, to being able to provide a space that each kid can make their own, has been a blessing. We are all excited to move forward with this process, hands on, and make this house our home.

PXL_20231229_213044887 (1).jpg
Travis and Sherry Sayer

Travis and Sherry have outgrown their current two bedroom one bath home on a rented lot and have been dreaming about a new bigger one. The kids would love their own space including a second bath so there will no longer be a line outside of the bathroom . They are so grateful for this opportunity to partner with habitat and be able to give their family that dream. They are also excited to get a fresh start in Ranchester where the children will have a safe community to grow up in.  "Without the Habitat for Humanity we would not have been able to make this happen for our little family." 

Vanessa Long 

Vanessa and her son Jeremiah will be building their home in the outlying community of Ranchester, where they have lived for over ten years. 

As a single mom, Vanessa works multiple jobs in order to provide for her family. She says, "I have always wanted to have a home I could call my own for a long time." In their new home, she would have flowers and plants, and have a place for her son and dog to play outside safely. 

"Habitat for Humanity is an answer to all of our prayers and we hope to make Sheridan our forever home.
- Whitney Roque (Homeowner, 2020) 

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