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Upcoming Events

Wolf Creek Wrangle Trail Run

Come be part of history by running the annual Wolf Creek Wrangle trail run at Eaton's Ranch on September 17, 2022! You can run, hike, or participate virtually in the 5M  Race.

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Women Build 

The Women Build works to recruit, nurture, and train women in construction. This is an opportunity for women to proactively engage, and make a tangible impact in Sheridan County. In a collaborative and friendly atmosphere this build sends the positive and powerful message of, "women helping women."


EVERY woman can make a difference!

Beams of Hope!

Lift a family up with your kind words and "Beams of Hope." Your message leaves a forever impact on the home and family. "Beams of Hope," let's families know that YOU are in their corner, YOU are rooting for them, and YOU believe in them. Even though we cannot physically be together, show your support "virtually" by writing a message on our, "virtual" beams.