Meet Our Homeowners

Jodie Anderson –
Jodie was accepted to be a partner family with Habitat in July of 2015. Jodie is a single mother to four young boys. Previous to being selected to be a homeowner, Jodie and her boys were homeless and living with a family friend. Jodie is currently renting a Habitat house while working towards her required 250 sweat equity hours. She hopes to have those hours completed in July of 2016 so that they can finally be homeowners. Having a house of their own will allow Jodie and her boys the space to grow as a family and a stable, safe place to finally call home.

Melissa Bryant –
Construction is wrapping up on this three bedroom home for Melissa Bryant and her two daughters, ages 5 and 2. Melissa was looking for a place to call home for her family when she was chosen to partner with Habitat and be a homeowner. Her current rental home is older, with uneven floors and drafty windows; and the rent is high at $1,000 per month. Soon her dream for an affordable home will come true when they move in during the summer of 2016. Melissa’s Habitat home was built by Sheridan College Construction Technology students over the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters, along with community volunteers and AmeriCorp students.

Sam & Elizabeth Boyles –
In March of 2015 the Boyles family faced a crisis. After moving here four years ago for a better job, the company Elizabeth worked for sold and shut down. As the breadwinner of the family, this was devastating. The Boyles were forced to sell their home to prevent losing it to the bank, and then had to live in a small travel trailer with their two children, ages 15 and 13. Their only source of heat in the camper came from a space heater. After months of searching for affordable housing, they decided to apply for a Habitat home and were accepted. Now the Boyles have a permanent, brand new, affordable home where they can start over and focus on a better future.

Kathy Baker –
Kathy Baker is a single mother to 13 year old twin boys Kiernan and Kaelic and a 10 year old daughter Kurik.  Due to complications at birth, Kaelic has Autism and Kiernan has significant physical handicaps and the mentality of a three month old. Kathy’s current home does not have the space she needs to be able to care Kiernan, so he lives with his dad in Casper. Currently, we are building Kathy and her family an ADA accessible 4 bedroom home so that she can be reunited with her son and be able to have the space she needs for his equipment and care. 1790 Willow Trail is a dedicated Thrivent Builds Home. HFHEB has received a $50,000 grant that will go towards the construction costs of this home.  If you would like to match any portion of this grant, you can make a donation online or mail a donation to:

Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Bighorns
Attn: Baker Donation
P.O. Box 6196
Sheridan, WY 82801